This pack of 32 sheet masks in one resealable package was really appealing to me. I purchased this while I was in Hong Kong. The cost was around $11USD. Compared to 32 individually wrapped sheet masks, this packaging is a lot more eco-friendly.

So basically, it's a resealable package (like makeup remover wipes). You take out one mask and then close the lid. I was initially worried about the masks drying out but the seal is pretty tight and I haven't ran into this issue yet. The sheet masks aren't soaking wet like the individually packed ones are but they are saturated enough for the entire face.

I've been using this three to four times a week. At the beginning, I didn't follow the instructions and left the mask on for 15 minutes instead of the 5 minutes as per instructions. My skin looked more dull after each use. After switching to using the sheet mask for only 5 minutes, my skin reacted better and looked more hydrated.

This product didn't brighten my skin or fade my hyperpigmentation. It is just hydrating. I find that the best way to use this sheet mask is after using a serum and before moisturizer. The sheet mask runs a bit small as you can see from the picture below.

I would recommend this product for those who don't have major skin concerns and can use this for hydration maintenance. I personally would not purchase this again. I think there are other sheet masks that can do more for my skin.


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