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Hi all! I hope you're all having a good summer! I just got back from Dominican Republic into the hot NYC heat! Now that summer's in full swing I want to share my thoughts on some sunscreens with you guys. I bought several bottles of sunscreens to DR with me but I couldn't even finish one bottle LOL. Check out my youtube video for more details:

The Burt's Bee Chemical-Free sunscreen claims to be non-whitening but it does leave white streaks. I expected to finish this bottle during the vacation because I re-applied it every 2 hours but I still had some left over so I had to bring it back. Here are some pictures of the product. I bought it from Target for $10.

 I also tried the Badger sunscreen because I wanted more natural sun protection. I bought this one from Whole Foods for $14. It is very similar to the Burt's Bee one but more greasy.

 Korres Watermelon sunscreen is my go-to sun protection. I bought it from Sephora for $28. I thought they discontinued it because I couldn't find it online but luckily I found one in-store.

Description and directions

Out of the three sunscreens mentioned I would only re-purchase the Korres Watermelon sunscreen.



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