Overnight Trip to Malacca

While in Malaysia, I decided to visit Malacca since it is only a two hour bus ride away.

The hostel owner recommended the chicken rice ball as a must have when visiting Malacca so I gave it a go. The chicken was the most tender chicken I've ever had in my life. If you're ever in Malacca, you should try this dish from Hoe Kee Chicken Rice.
The town of Malacca is fairly small. Most streets are empty except for where one corner where there are a lot of tourists. 

You also see a lot of cute tricycles

I stayed at Nancii Guesthouse; which is fairly new and clean. Their budget room was $14USD for one night with strong air conditioning and shared bathroom. It is walking distance to the main tourist attractions and one block over from Jonkers Street. I would recommend this guesthouse.

Nancii Guesthouse common area

Cute decor
 Here are some pics from walking around:

cute cafe decor

The streets of Malacca

another cool tricycle

The bridge to the clock tower

Tourists surrounding the fountain for pictures

Melacca Church

Love the colors of the buildings

Fort Formosa

Independence Memorial

Went for a bit of shopping

Inside the mall

The River

Street Art

For dinner I decided to try nyonya food. Nyonya is the mix of Malaysian and Chinese culture. Kocik Kitchen was recommended on a blog so I decided to try it out. Overall, I was not impressed by the food. The noodles were too dry. The drink is called black and white which is soy milk with herbal jelly. I thought it had too much ice and was watered down.


If you want to see Malacca in action:


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