Sinful Colors Lipgloss

I went to Walgreens yesterday and picked up a Sinful Colors Extra Shiny Lipgloss in Pucker Up for $1.99. I didn't intend on buying this lipgloss but the color really caught my eye and I heard good reviews about it on Youtube. Its a soft pink color and super duper pretty in its tube.

The tube is very sleek and cute!

I immediately tried it on when I got home. After applying the lipgloss on my bare lips, I was so disappointed. The color was very white; not at all pink. I was like "OMG, what the heck am I going to do with this lipgloss?" I absolutely hated it and really regretted buying it. After I wiped off the lipgloss and calmed down, I decided to wear the lipgloss over a lipstick and see how it went (I know, I'm super dramatic). I used the lipgloss on top of a raspberry color lipstick and it made the lipstick a little bit lighter.

I was relieved after testing the lipgloss out over this lipstick because it's not totally unwearable; you just need to work with it a little bit and wear it over lipsticks. I would never wear this lipgloss by itself. However, the texture of this lipgloss is amazing! It is super smooth, moisturizing and not sticky. The scent is bearable; smells like candy. Surprisingly, the lipgloss doesn't taste like anything.
The color barely shows on my hand

Revlon Primrose with Sinful Colors Pucker Up on top
I would not buy another one of these at the original price. Maybe if I ever find it on sale I might try another color.



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