Review: Oil Blotting Sheets

I'm currently trying different brands of oil blotting sheets. I've been using oil blotting sheets for the past 6 years.

The first brand I've used was Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing sheets. When I first found out about these I was really astounding. I never knew there was such a thing that could remove shine from my face. But then again, I was in high school; what did I know, right? LOL. 

Anyways, I became addicted to these babies when I started working at Walgreens when I turned 17. I remember this so clearly because the manager hired me on the day of my birthday. I felt like it was such an achievement to have my first job. I ended up working in the Beauty section and I always knew what the deals were. Whenever this was on sale I would buy a few to stock up. I would always have one in my bag. If you're not familiar with this product, it's basically a film-type paper that you dab your face with. I remember I use to rub my face with it and a friend of mine told me that it was incorrect. The paper absorbs the oil and turns clear. I've also tried the Morning Burst one: 

Honestly, there isn't a difference between these two except the Morning Burst one smells fruity. Although the packaging says it doesn't smudge makeup; I find that these sheets do remove some of my makeup. By the way, these retail for around $5 to $7 in drugstores.

When I went to China 3 years ago, I found a brand called Mentholatum in a drugstore. They carry a oil control film that is very comparable to the Clean and Clear ones. However, it is much cheaper. 

When I started shopping on I found these again and they retail for around $2.  So, every time I made a purchase on this website I would make sure to add a couple to my cart to stock up. These sheets also takes off makeup along with the oil. 

A few months back, I forgot to bring a pack of oil blotting sheets with me to the mall so I decided to check out Sephora. They offer a couple of oil blotting sheets from different brands including one from Shiseido:

This one retails for $18 and comes with 100 sheets. It is a paper material and is thinner than the Clean and Clear and Mentholatum ones. This one does not take off makeup and I find that my face does not get oily as quickly.

Speaking of Sephora, my friend uses the Boscia Green Tea oil blotting sheets which retails for $10 and I tried it several times. 


I find that these does not smudge/remove makeup but it also doesn't absorb oil as well as the other ones. 
Recently, I've made a purchase on again and I purchased 2 brands that I've never tried before.  One of them is from Kai:

This one was relatively inexpensive, retailing for around $1.50ish. It performs very similarly to the Boscia one.

The other one is from Kose Softymo:
This one cost around $4.50ish. I actually used it in my haul to see how well it worked. What's unique about this one is that it is one-sided. You can't use the side that has the logo printed on it. Also, the sheet does not become clear, it turns black. 
Here's the video to my haul and a demo of me using the Softymo Super Clean Tissue:

Out of all these oil blotting sheets, I think the best one is the one from Softymo because it is really different from the other ones that I've tried. Also, I find that it really does mattify my face and it doesn't leave my makeup looking powdery. 

Of course, I am open to trying out other brands of oil blotting sheets so what's your favorite oil blotting sheets?



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