Drugstore Beauty Haul

Hi guys, so I recently went to Target to pick up some eyeshadow brushes and while I was there I saw some things that I wanted to try. Here's the haul video:

I didn't get a chance to swatch the nail polishes yet so look out for those in future posts! =)

Color Smokes Eye Shadow in Blackened Smokes

#3 and 4 are very shimmery. Although the black eyeshadow looks shimmery in quad, it's not when swatched.

Left to right: 1, 2, 3, 4. Took several swipes to get this pigmentation
First time trying this eye makeup remover
First time trying Milani brand

~3-4 swipes. 1st impression: smudges when I rub it
It smudges a little b/c my crease folds in but it is still a really good gel liner for those who don't have similar eyelids.

Bronzer in Sun light: I tried swatching it on my hand but it doesn't show up. This color might be too light for me as a bronzer (I'm in NC30 for MAC)
 blue eyes set

packaging is cute

no barrier between shadows so its really easy to smudge the color next to the one you want to use

Swatchs: ~3 to 4 swipes

all shimmery shades
Wet n Wild Color Icon palettes

First impressions:

Blue had me at Hello: All of them are shimmery shades except for the black one on the left. The shimmery shades have a lot of shimmer, gorgeous! I absolutely love the teal color and the navy blue right under it. Can't wait to start using these colors!

The dark blue on the left side is actually a matte black shadow with blue glitters

Petal Pusher: All shimmer shades except for the black one on the right, although it looks shimmery in the palette. My two favorite colors from this palette are the last one on the left (purple with blue sheen) and the 2nd one on the right (rose color with gold glitter).

Comfort Zone: All of the shades are shimmery in this palette. My favorite colors in this palette are the two middle ones on the left and the green one on the right (2nd one).

The last color on the right is the most deceiving color. It looks grayish in the palette but it's actually a burgundy color with a green sheen. Very cool

Although the light green color looks very plain in the palette, when swatched it gives off a very pretty light green color with gold shimmers.

I hope you guys enjoyed this haul!

Until next time,



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