Honey and Sea Salt Face Scrub

Hi all, recently I've been using raw honey with sea salt as a scrub for my face. After using it only once I saw a big improvement in my skin texture and acne scars after I started using this scrub but it doesn't help me prevent new pimples. For example, the week before my time of the month, I still get a few cystic acne on my cheeks. A lot of it has to do with my diet, hormones, and lack of exercise :P.

The smell of raw honey is not pleasant but the benefits of using it on the face definitely outweighs the scent. I bought both the raw honey and sea salt from Whole Foods because I couldn't find raw honey in the local supermarket.


The sea salt was a little abrasive when I used it for the first time. I didn't buy the fine sea salt because it looked like it would just dissolve. After using this sea salt a few times I got use to using it: just be gentle and you definitely don't need that much because the salt doesn't dissolve so you can use it for your entire face. However, if you're worried about it being too abrasive definitely go with the fine sea salt.

Steps to how I prepare/use the scrub:

1. Prepare a plate or bowl and a spoon
2. Scoop the desired amount of honey into spoon (no need to scoop it into bowl; just leave the spoon with the honey on it on the bowl).
3. Pour a little bit of sea salt from the bag onto the honey on the spoon( you need to play around with the amount of sea salt needed)
4. Scoop, with clean fingers, the honey with sea salt from the spoon and spread it onto face.
5. GENTLY massage the honey and sea salt. I spend a little more time massaging problem areas.
6. Wash off if you're not showering but leave on scrub if you are showering and rinse off after completing shower routine.
7. MOISTURIZE MOISTURIZE MOISTURIZE! Sea salt is really drying so its important to use a moisturizer afterwards.

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post!



  1. Hi Sandy

    I left a message for you on YT, couldn't find your email. I love your videos and would love the pin up necklace please. :)


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