E.L.F Brushes

Hi all, here's a quick review of some Eyes Lips Face brushes that I've tried. 

The Studio brushes are $3 each. The quality is awesome! I totally recommend these.The eye brushes are soft and the quality is better than the regular line ones.
Top to Bottom: Complexion brush, Stipple brush, Powder brush

Top to bottom: Eyeshadow C brush, Small Angled brush, Angled Eyeliner brush

 The regular brushes are $1 each. The handles on the face brushes are really flimsy and I don't recommend them. However, the eye brushes are really worth a try. I've been using the ones shown below for a while now. I've cleaned them several times and they're still in good condition (e.g. no fall outs).

Top to bottom: Total Face brush, Bronzing brush, Foundation brush, Concealer brush

Left to right: Eyeshadow brush, Angled brush, Blending brush
 Review video:



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