Hi!!! I'm excited to share my haul with you guys! Let me show you the products that are re-purchases first:
Starting from the left is the Metholatum Acnes Oil blotting sheets, then its the Kose Softymo Medicated whitening cleansing foam and on the right its the Kose Softymo Speedy Cleansing Oil.

These 3 products are awesome! The oil blotting sheets are a dupe for Clean and Clear oil blotting sheets. They cost only $1.80 each. The face wash is very foamy. The whitening effect is not as good as the  Sheisido brand. The cleansing oil is really great. It doesn't irritate my skin and it takes off all my face makeup.

Ok, moving on to products I've never tried before:
The left one is the Kose Softymo Facial Scrub, the small tube is the Koji Eyelash Fix (glue), and the right one is Sam Tin cotton pads.
I really liked the Softymo face wash so I wanted to try out the scrub but it doesn't feel like a scrub to me. I only feel the grains when I first put the product on my face. After I rub it in, the grains dissolve and the product turns very foamy. It feels like a face wash to me. 

The cotton pads were a disappointment because they aren't square pads; they are long, thing sheets of cotton. Check out my video to see what I mean:

I haven't tried the glue yet so I'll keep you posted on that.



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