KleanColor Nail Polish Collection & Review

Hi y'all! My best friend gave me 9 nail polishes from KleanColor. I tried looking on the KleanColor website for these colors but I don't think she ordered it from the official website because the colors aren't there. However, I did find out the price. Each bottle cost $3.49, which is a pretty decent price for nail polish. The colors look so pretty in the bottles and they are still pretty when I apply them but not as pretty. The quality is pretty decent and you only need one coat. I tried applying a second coat because I'm really use to applying two coats lol. When I put on the second coat it looks really thick and never dries. Even with one coat it takes a long time to dry. One issue I have with the colors I have is that they get scratched up really easily except for the neon pink one. I painted each of my nails a different color to show you guys.

Check out my youtube video:

From pinky to thumb: Neon Pink, Neon Yellow, Pastel Teal, Neon Sapphire, and Pastel Purple

A closer view

Neon Green, Pastel Blue, and Neon Purple

Pastel Purple

Pastel Teal

Neon Sapphire

Neon Yellow

Neon Pink

Neon Orange

Neon Green

Pastel Blue

Neon Purple

The 3 pastels

The 6 Neons

My favorite one out of these 9 colors is the neon pink because it's really bright, really pretty, and it goes on really smoothly. My least favorite one is the neon green because it takes forever to dry and there are a lot of imprints on it and its not smooth. 



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