Favorite Facial Scrub: Bosica Smoothing Facial Polish

Hi all, I want to share with you guys a product I've been using for almost a year now. It was recommended to me by a sales person at Sephora. She claimed that the Boscia Smoothing Facial Polish ($25) is so gentle that it can be used everyday. You're  not suppose to use exfoliators everyday because it's too abrasive for your skin. However, the sales person was right: the scrub is super gentle. It also makes my skin feel a lot smoother after using it. I use the scrub every other day at night. When I use the scrub I don't use face wash or my Clarisonic because I feel like it will be too harsh for my face. I also tried some other scrubs like Mario Badescu Honey and Almond ($15) and The Body Shop Aloe Gentle Exfoliator ($14.50). The Mario Badescu one was way too abrasive and it really hurts when I use it. The Aloe gentle exfoliator one wasn't effective; it felt like a face wash to me.

Check out my youtube video for more details:

Here are some pictures of the Boscia scrub:



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