Eye Make-up Remover Reviews

Hi guys! I've tried several eye makeup removers that I like and didn't like. Two of them are in liquid form and two are lotion-types. Check out my youtube video for a more detailed review on them:

I had really high hopes for the Rimmel eye maker remover because I've tried their mascaras before and they were really good quality so I assumed that this product would be really good also. Whenever I use this product, it would sting and irritate my eyes. I really disliked it but I wanted to finish it so I always poured a lot of it onto a cotton ball. I bought this from Walmart for around $4.

 I've had the Avon eye makeup remover for the longest time. I also squeeze it onto a cotton ball and wipe my eyes with it. It is more gentle than the Rimmel eye makeup remover. I bought this from Avon.com for $4.

Directions and ingredients
 I decided to try the Body Shop waterproof eye make-up remover when I purchased the Groupon gift certificate for the Body Shop. It was a pleasant surprise when I used this product. It is really gentle and removes makeup really well. I bought it for $14.50 from the Body shop.

 The Clinique  eye make up remover solvent is ok. I wouldn't say its great but its not bad. It doesn't always sting my eyes. The solvent gets into my eyes sometimes when I hold the cotton ball on my eyes for too long. After using these products I realized that I prefer lotion eye make up removers over liquid ones because I think liquid ones leak into my eyes too easily.



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