BB Creams

Hi all! BB creams has been a beauty sensation over the pass 2 years. BB creams stand for blemish balm. They are like tinted moisturizers but thicker in consistency and have more coverage. Here I have 2 BB creams that I've tried. 

Below is the Lioele Triple the Solution BB cream with SPF 30. This BB cream comes in only 1 shade, which is too light for me. The consistency is pretty thick and it's almost full coverage. The formulation dries quickly so you have to blend really fast. The bottle is super cute; it comes in a tube shape with a pump so it's very sanitary. I bought this on Ebay for around $24. I recommend this product to people who are lighter than NC30 in Mac and have combination/oily skin because the oil control is great for this BB cream but it might look dry and flaky for people with dry skin.

I also tried the Missha Perfect Cover BB cream with SPF 42. This was the first BB cream that I've tried. I bought it from Ebay for around $8 to $10. The coverage isn't as great as the Lioele one because I can still see my discolorations after I put on the BB cream. This BB cream comes in 2 shades: #21 and #23. I use the latter one and it is still too light for me. It does oxidize throughout the day and gets darker but never matches my skin tone. The oil control on this product is not good because I have to blot quite often throughout the day. As I blot, the makeup also comes off. I recommend this BB cream for people with combo/dry skin and a lighter complexion than NC30.



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